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Email Newsletter Jan 2022

Dear Educational Change SIG Members,

While this new year has neither brought the respite nor the comfort I had so hoped for all of us, it did provide an opportunity to reflect and consider what is important. On this note, I want to thank you all for being part of this community and for your efforts in enhancing our educational system in ways that make it more effective and just. 

Please see the newsletter for information on a Student Travel Award (also attached), a new Lead the Change, New Work by some members and a plea for Renewing your Membership


Student Travel Award (due February 15th)

Award: The awardee, a doctoral student who is a member of the Ed Change SIG,  will receive $400 to assist with expenses related to attending the AERA Annual Meeting. (see awards section for details) 

Please submit your application materials to Dr. Jennie Weiner at

Lead the Change

Linked here and online is our January 2022 Lead the Change featuring Dr. Carrie Sampson. And, many thanks for Int’l Ed News for publishing all our LTC Issues on their site.  Visit our website to catch up on all our LTC Issues.

New Work by Members

Gil, E. & Johnson, A. (2021). “We, as parents, do have a voice”: Learning from community-based programs effectively engaging parents in urban communities. Urban Education

Plea to Renew

Finally I make the request that you please renew your membership and encourage others to join!  To do so, click “Login,” entering your user name and password, and clicking on “Purchase Additional SIG Memberships” in your My AERA page. Your renewal will help us plan for next year’s programming – including our AERA 2022 conference events.

If you do choose to renew by the end of this year, we are excited to enter you in a raffle for some of our illustrious member’s recent books including:

§  In Search of Deeper Learning: The Quest to Remake the American High School by Jal Mehta and Sarah Fine (Our keynote speaker in April)

§  Transformational Professional Learning: Making a Difference in Schools by Deborah M. Netolicky

§  Five Paths of Student Engagement: Blazing the Trail to Learning and Success by Dennis Shirley and Andy Hargreaves

§  The Strategy Playbook for Educational Leaders: Principles and Processes by Isobel Stevenson and Jennie M. Weiner

§  Multidisciplinary Perspectives on Teacher Evaluation: Understanding the Research and Theory by Morgaen L. Donaldson

Int’l Ed News

Every month, Int’l Ed News (@intl_ed_news) publishes our Lead the Change Interviews.  This month, their site has some great articles on COVID19-related school closures in Uganda, Shanghai, Ottawa, Melbourne, Pakistan, and Liberia.   

Thank you to our Partners

Educational Research for Policy and Practice
International Education News
International Congress for School Effectiveness and Improvement
Journal of Educational Change
Journal of Professional Capital and Community
National Principals Leadership Institute
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Warmest Regards,

Jennie Weiner, Chair
Olga Fellus, Program Chair
Corinne Brion, Secretary/Treasurer
Alex Lamb, Lead the Change Editor
Cynthia Wise, Social Media Coordinator