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Email Newsletter June 2021

Dear Educational Change SIG Members, 

Happy (almost?) summer to you all. I do hope all members can take a bit of time for centering, self-care, and rejuvenation after what has been, and continues to be, a difficult time for so many. 

It is hard to believe but we are in the throes of inviting reviewers (and soon proposals) for AERA 2022. Keep an eye out for the invitation in your email box - we appreciate your willingness to serve as we quite literally could not do it without you!

Looking ahead to the proposals, we have revised our call for the SIG and encourage you to share it with colleagues and students. The more members we have, the more slots we get to fill and amplify your and their work! 

The Educational Change SIG conceptualizes educational change broadly. The EdChange SIG is open to papers that use various frameworks from across disciplines (e.g., organizational behavior, organizational theory, institutional theory, adult learning and development, critical analysis etc.) and methods (qualitative, quantitative, and mixed). We are also open to papers that focus on theoretical discussions in the field of educational change. With that said, the SIG is particularly interested in research situated in practice and facilitates opportunities to elevate the work of educators, community members, and others and their role in improvement and change. Critical perspectives as well as work that centers diversity, equity, and inclusion in the US and internationally are also of great interest. 

In addition to being posted here, it is also available on our updated website.  A great big thanks to Alex Lamb who has been working on it! 


Thank you to everyone who already said they would help! We are so lucky to have you in our community and would love even greater participation. If you have an idea, suggestion, wish for the SIG that you would like to spearhead we are all in!  Just email Jennie Weiner @ with your name, contact information, and interests. We can’t wait to work with you! 

Nominate and/or Apply for an Award

Please check our website for $ via travel grants for students, early career and student researcher awards. We plan to add some new awards this year (working on it!) and hope you will either apply or nominate someone wonderful!

Recruit a Friend 

The health and financial stability of our SIG (and slots for AERA) is dependent on our membership. During this year, we ask that everyone recruits new members (We love doctoral students!).  We will be adding new awards and mentoring opportunities throughout the year to support these efforts. 

We are getting some swag to celebrate new members (and those who recruit them!) - so let us know if you are new (! 

Per AERA for SIG Membership: Non-members, please click here to become a member of AERA and one or more SIGs or to renew your AERA and SIG memberships. Current AERA members can add individual SIGs to their membership by clicking “Login,” entering their user name and password, and clicking on “Purchase Additional SIG Memberships” in their My AERA page.  

Keep doing what you’re doing!

As always, please join us for our monthly Twitter chats, share news with us via Facebook, and keep us updated with your latest presentations and publications.  

Lead the Change

Attached and online is our June 2021 Lead the Change featuring the leadership team and the vision for the future of the SIG and the field. And, many thanks for Int’l Ed News for publishing all our LTC Issues on their site.  Visit our website to catch up on all our LTC Issues

Doctoral Corner

If you are a graduate student and would like to write a doc corner issue, please contact our Lead the Change Series Editor, Alexandra Lamb at   

Int’l Ed News  

Every month, Int’l Ed News (@intl_ed_news) publishes our Lead the Change Interviews.  This month, their site has some great articles on COVID19-related school closures in Uganda, Shanghai, Ottawa, Melbourne, Pakistan, and Liberia.   

Thank you to our Partners

Educational Research for Policy and Practice 

International Education News 

International Congress for School Effectiveness and Improvement 

Journal of Educational Change 

Journal of Professional Capital and Community 

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We encourage you to share why you enjoy the Educational Change SIG with your colleagues and extend the opportunity to join to graduate students. If your organization/institution/journal/association/publisher is interested in hosting our Twitter Chats or any events, please reach out to a member of the leadership team. 

Share your News with us 

Please visit our membership page for all the Lead the Change articles, information on SIG awards and more. 

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Warmest Regards, 

Jennie Weiner, Chair 

Olga Fellus, Program Chair 

Corinne Brion, Secretary/Treasurer 

Alex Lamb, Lead the Change Editor