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Welcome from the Chair



Welcome to AERA SIG Instructional Technology! We are a community of scholars focusing on the design and development of instruction and the media technologies that aid in implementing instruction. We support the design and development of instruction using instructional technologies and the development and research on such technology. It is my pleasure to serve as the chair of this SIG.

SIG Instructional Technology members lead rigorous research covering a diverse range of topics related to instructional technology and utilizing diverse and robust methodologies from quantitative to qualitative inquiries and from small sample case studies to big data analytics. And we recognize excellence in research through our annual award of best research paper and student paper awards.

Over the past several years, our schools and classrooms have experienced a significant shift to new forms of instruction and methods of delivery. Instructors and students have needed to adapt their teaching and learning in remote and virtual settings. This has brought the field of instructional technology and those working in this field to the forefront of the attention of many leaders in academia and companies. Instructors, educational technologists, instructional designers, learning scientists, and educational researchers are working together to generate strategies and solutions for developing instructional methods that include instructional technology more than ever. Many members in SIG Instructional Technology are playing significant roles in leading tremendous efforts assisting in the transition and innovation of our educational systems to innovative and flexible methods for the “new” ways of providing and delivering instruction. Further, there has been a significant increase in the development and research on instructional technologies. If you are including instructional technology in your instructional efforts, we applaud you. We also encourage you to join our SIG and engage with us through our social media, our events, and presenting with our SIG at our annual conference.

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We look forward to engaging with you as you develop and implement your instruction using instructional technologies.


Victoria Lynn Lowell, Ph.D., SIG-IT Chair 
Clinical Associate Professor of Learning Design and Technologies
Department of Curriculum and Instruction, College of Education
Purdue University