Educational Researcher 51:3

April 2022


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Feature Articles

Immediate Changes, Trade-Offs, and Fade-Out in High-Quality Teacher Practices During Coaching
Emily C. Hanno
Educational Researcher April 2022 51:3, 173–185

Challenging Scripted Curricula With Adaptive Teaching
Margaret Vaughn, Seth A. Parsons, Melissa A. Gallagher
Educational Researcher April 2022 51:3, 186–196

Learning at the Boundaries of Research and Practice: A Framework for Understanding Research–Practice Partnerships
Caitlin C. Farrell, William R. Penuel, Annie Allen, Eleanor R. Anderson, Angel X. Bohannon, Cynthia E. Coburn, Stephanie L. Brown
Educational Researcher April 2022 51:3, 197–208



Democratizing the Development of Evidence
Cara Jackson
Educational Researcher April 2022 51:3, 209–215

The Fourth Wall of Professional Learning and Cultures of Collaboration
Hala Ghousseini, Sarah Schneider Kavanagh, Elizabeth Dutro, Elham Kazemi
Educational Researcher April 2022 51:3, 216–222

Caring in the Context of Discipline Reform: A Framework for Researchers and Policymakers
Abigail J. Beneke
Educational Researcher April 2022 51:3, 223–230



School Discipline and Racial Disparities in Early Adulthood
Miles Davison, Andrew M. Penner, Emily K. Penner, Nikolas Pharris-Ciurej, Sonya R. Porter, Evan K. Rose, Yotam Shem-Tov, Paul Yoo
Educational Researcher April 2022 51:3, 231–234

Teacher Attrition and Mobility Over Time
Dan Goldhaber, Roddy Theobald
Educational Researcher April 2022 51:3, 235–237