AERA Past Presidents Linda Darling-Hammond, Shaun R. Harper, and Carol D. Lee Among AERA Members Appointed to National Board for Education Sciences

October 2022

Linda Darling-Hammond

On October 27, President Joe Biden announced the appointments of 14 individuals to the National Board for Education Sciences (NBES), the advisory board for the Institute of Education Sciences (IES). Appointees include AERA Past Presidents Linda Darling-Hammond (Learning Policy Institute), Shaun R. Harper (University of Southern California), and Carol D. Lee (Northwestern University), as well as AERA members Douglas Fuchs (Vanderbilt University), Ruth López Turley (Rice University), and Hirokazu Yoshikawa (New York University). Yoshikawa previously served on NBES during the Obama administration.

Shaun R. Harper

Under the Education Sciences Reform Act, NBES is charged with reviewing and approving procedures for peer review; advising on the funding of research grants, contracts, and cooperative agreements; and ensuring that IES activities are relevant to education policy and practice by gathering input and advice from practitioners and researchers; among other key activities.

Carol D. Lee

“We are tremendously impressed by the White House appointments to the NBES board,” said Felice J. Levine. “It is great to see a board constituted with such breadth of substantive and methodological research expertise and attention to the range of diversities that are mission critical to the work of IES, including attention to minoritized populations, people with disabilities, and immigrant communities."

“It is a substantial plus to have a board in place at such a vital time and after such a long hiatus to support and advise IES as it moves forward with its next generation of work,” Levine added. “We are eager to work with the board and aid in any way we can.”

The appointments enable NBES to resume many of its activities that have been dormant for six years due to lack of members. NBES has been without full membership since 2015 and has not had a quorum of members to hold meetings since November 2016. During the Trump administration, there were strong concerns among IES stakeholders about the lack of connections to education research among the last-minute NBES appointments that were made.

Additional NBES members include:

  • S. James Anaya, University of Colorado Law School
  • Denisa Gándara, University of Texas at Austin
  • Elmer J. Guy Sr., Navajo Technical University
  • María de la Concepción Hernández Legorreta, Maryland Blind and Low Vision Specialist
  • Dana S. Hilliard, Mayor, Somersworth, NH
  • Stephen K. Klasko, General Catalyst
  • Derrick Cornelius Scott, Virginia State University
  • Caroline Sullivan, North Carolina Business Committee for Education

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