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Overview of the Dual-Component Annual Meeting

Attendee Experience

As a dual-component meeting—with sessions offered on-site in San Diego (and a selection of these steaming live on the virtual platform) and hundreds of other sessions provided virtually—the 2022 AERA Annual Meeting offers exciting opportunities for intellectual engagement and professional growth for those who are able to attend in person as well as those who attend virtually.

Regardless of how one attends, the 2022 Annual Meeting will offer thought-provoking lectures by prominent scholars, highly engaging sessions on major topics in the field, and many opportunities to connect with new and old colleagues.

The dual-component meeting for virtual and in-person attendees will represent all the major programming attendees will remember from past in-person meetings: opening plenary, presidential sessions, major lectures, receptions, presidential address, awards ceremony, and much more. A select group of sessions, lectures, the presidential address, and more will be streamed to the virtual platform, in addition to hundreds of virtual-only sessions, and will also be made available on demand for later viewing. If you attend in person and happen to miss a virtual session, you can easily immerse at a later time via on-demand playback using the virtual platform. 

The in-person component will offer special programming and significant opportunities for informal networking and a chance to meet up in person with colleagues, mentors, and former students. The virtual component will also include designed experiences to further informal networking and foster discussion of issues significant to education research.

Whether you are a place-based attendee or a virtual attendee, the virtual platform can be used to connect with others regardless of their physical location.

The 2022 program schedule is designed with the attendee/user experience as a high priority, with sufficient time for breaks and a plan that allows place-based attendees opportunities to immerse in virtual sessions and allows for virtual attendees to connect with other attendees and exhibitors, join informal sessions with poster presenters, and more, regardless of physical location. 

Breakdown of On-Site and Virtual Sessions

In late 2021, Annual Meeting presenters were asked to determine whether they wished to participate place-based in San Diego or on the virtual platform. By the December 10 deadline, a substantial majority of the sessions—almost 80 percent overall—were designated to be presented on-site in San Diego. The percentages of sessions conducted in person and virtually are subject to change before the 2022 Annual Meeting.

Determining Session Participation Placed-Based or Virtually

Annual meeting sessions that elected to be place-based in San Diego have until March 8 to determine whether to switch to virtual. Presenters in the invited program, including presidential sessions, AERA-wide sessions, invited lectures, and so forth, will all present in San Diego. Invited sessions may need to migrate to the virtual platform if COVID-19 conditions erode.

Special Remote Access Requests

For participants in place-based submitted or invited sessions in San Diego, remote access may be given to provide high-quality service for those with special remote access needs. This service will include room-targeted expanded bandwidth, audio/visual equipment, and onsite technical support to enable a limited number of presenters to connect to their sessions remotely under special circumstances using their own virtual service. Access to this special service will be available upon advanced request. Those seeking such services will need to complete the Remote Access Request Form no later than April 1. Learn more

Virtual Platform

AERA has engaged Pathable, a known provider of virtual event platforms for associations and other organizations, to develop the platform for the virtual component of the 2022 meeting.

The platform will be accessible to all attendees--whether they have registered for the virtual meeting only, or are registered for the place-based meeting San Diego but also want to access the virtual experience. Pathable will also serve as the mobile app for those participating on-site in San Diego and those participating virtually. Place-based and virtual sessions will be fully integrated into the schedule. 

The online platform is now open, allowing time for presenters and attendees to explore and become familiar with the platform all that is available. Training sessions for virtual presenters and attendees will be provided prior to the meeting.

Mobile App

AERA's Annual Meeting mobile app can be used by both virtual and place-based attendees to enhance their experience, agenda planning, and for connecting with other attendees and speakers. The mobile app and the virtual platform will offer easily accessible information for place-based attendees as well as those attending virtually. 

High-Speed Bandwidth On-Site in San Diego

Attendees who choose to attend in person will also have access to the virtual platform. Wi-Fi with high-speed bandwidth will be fully accessible throughout the convention center and all meeting and common spaces at the headquarter hotels.