Coronavirus Pandemic and Relevant Education Research Resources


Coronavirus Resources

The coronavirus pandemic has swept the United States and globally, upending the personal and professional lives of millions of people, including students, educators, and education researchers. At all levels of education, instructors, institution leaders, and policy makers are facing an unprecedented challenge, trying to ensure that high quality and equitable teaching and learning continues under rapidly changing and unpredictable conditions. 

AERA has developed this resource page to give the education research community, educators, policy makers, and others open access to relevant AERA-published research, updates from the scholarly community, and important content from other organizations. Please check back for ongoing updates in the coming days and weeks.

AERA Journal Articles 

Click here for links to selected AERA journal articles, provided open access, on the topics of:

  • Covid-19
  • Online/Distance/Digital Learning
    • Overview
    • Impact/Efficacy/Outcomes
    • Engagement
    • Math
    • Reading/Literacy
    • Games
  • Equity in and Access to Online Learing/Technology
  • Online Teaching/Professional Development
  • Online Bullying
  • Trauma-Informed Practices
  • School Budget Cuts

Policy Statement 

U.S. Department of Education Notices and Resources

National Science Foundation Notices and Resources

National institutes for Health Notices and Resources 

Other Resources