Message from SIG Chair

Welcome to the Montessori Education SIG

We are pleased to be in our fifth year representing Montessori education within AERA. Our mission is to build a scholarly community through engaging Montessori research with the broader field of education. The purpose of the SIG is to support, promote, and disseminate information, research, and evaluation of Montessori education and philosophy, in both the public and private sector, through diverse research approaches and collaborations.

We accomplish this through connecting educational researchers who focus on Montessori education with the broader field of education scholarship to engage in critical dialogues to move the field forward to better serve today's learners.

You can learn more about the structure of our group and our goals in the SIG Bylaws document available on this website. Thank you for your interest in supporting Montessori research.

Maria McKenna PhD
Chair & Founding Officer
Montessori Education SIG