Systematic Reviews and Meta-Analysis SIG176

SIG Purpose

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The Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis SIG has three main purposes:

1. To promote the use of systematic review and meta-analysis to answer critical educational-focused questions.

2. To foster the development of systematic review and meta-analysis methods specific to applied research in education.

            3. To educate researchers and practitioners on the best practices of meta-analysis.  

In order to meet those purposes, the SR/MA SIG has three main goals:

1. To produce high-quality systematic reviews and meta-analyses on educational topics.

2. To develop new methods and improve old methods of quantitative synthesis dedicated for the use in education and related fields.

3. To increase the knowledge of researchers and practitioners who utilize systematic reviews or meta-analysis.

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Over the coming months and years, we hope to foster growth of Systematic Reivew and Meta-Analysis within AERA. We hope you will join us!