What members say...

“Since joining the OST SIG ten years ago, I have benefitted from information sharing, attending meetings, and professional networking. The OST SIG within the AERA helped to elevate my knowledge of the programs, practices, and policies shaping the OST field and how this work benefits young people." - Zakia Redd, Child Trends

“The OST SIG has stimulated the educational research field to become more aware of teaching and learning that takes place outside of school settings and to cross disciplinary boundaries.” - Dr. Sara Hill, AERA OST SIG Founding Chair

"The OST SIG is an important home for me within AERA. The SIG is a place where researchers, practitioners can come together and talk about important learning space, that is what is happening in OST."  - Dr. Deborah Lowe Vandell, UC Irvine

"The OST sig offers a  wonderful opportunity to connect and collaborate with other peer researchers and practitioners in the OST field. I value participation in the OST sig as an avenue towards advancing policy, knowledge, and learning in our field."  - Dr. Georgia Hall, National Institute on Out-of-School Time

 "The OST SIG promised to elevate the issue and forge an alliance of heretofore largely separate constituencies, the afterschool folks and those of us interested in summer programming. Today, largely owing to the good work of the OST SIG, we understand that is a false divide. It was a breakthrough of great importance when the conversation turned to extended learning time for disadvantaged youth, and we together can take pride in having helped guide that transformation."  - Dr. Karl Alexander, Academy Professor and Research Professor of Sociology, Johns Hopkins University 

Membership Drive

Know a colleague that would benefit from our SIG? Please download the word document invitation and email it to all your OST friends encouraging them to join.

All members of the OST SIG must be members of the American Educational Research Association.  If you are not a member of AERA and would like to join, you can do so online.  You will have the option to become a member of the OST SIG while you are becoming an AERA member.  The charge to become a member of the SIG is $10 per year, or $5 for students.

If you are already a member of AERA and would like to join the OST SIG, log in to your personal membership page click on the “SIG Memberships” link and select “Purchase additional SIG memberships.”  This link will allow you to choose the OST SIG.

If you have any questions about membership, feel free to contact the AERA office at (202) 223-9485 or email