Paulo Freire SIG 159

Message from SIG Chair

Dear Paulo Freire SIG Members,
As the new 2017-2018 Board, we write with Paulo Freire’s words in mind, “being patiently impatient,” as we build from the work undertaken by previous leadership and the membership. We envision the future of the Paulo Freire SIG as oriented toward building community and nurturing social justice projects amidst a political crisis that marks deeper structural and historical issues in our society. Over the next year, we look forward to furthering critical practices, opening spaces of possibility, and connecting with social movements. We hope to embark upon this journey working alongside and in solidarity with each one of you.

In Unity,

Tricia Kress, Chair

Sheila Macrine, Program Chair

Miguel Zavala, Secretary/Treasurer
Venus Evans Winters, Immediate Past Co-Chair
Richard Kahn, Immediate Past Co-Chair