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  • The Journal of Educational Change is an international professionally refereed state-of-the-art scholarly journal reflecting the most important ideas and evidence of educational change. Key topics include educational innovation, reform and restructuring, school improvement and effectiveness, culture building, inspection, school review, and change management. Subscribe, submit, or become a reviewer!
  • The Journal of Professional Capital and Community is an international, professionally refereed, scholarly journal, reflecting the most important ideas and evidence of the nature and impact of interactions and relationships in the education profession, especially in the school sector. For the first time, in one single place of scholarly research and inquiry, this journal brings together the most influential leading thinkers and emerging scholars on professional cultures, communities and collegiality and how they all contribute to or impede the development of the professional capital in schools and school systems that enhances students’ learning, wellbeing, achievement and engagement.
  • Educational Research for Policy and Practice (ERPP) is an international double-blind peer-refereed journal.  It aims to advance education research that links and has implications for educational policy and practice.  It welcomes high quality papers (conceptual, analytical or empirical; both quantitative and qualitative) which make an important and substantial contribution to educational policy and practice. 
  • As a highly cited and internationally known SCOPUS journal, School Leadership and Management is fundamentally concerned with issues of leadership and management in classrooms, schools, and education systems. It welcomes contributions from researchers, practitioners and policy makers that add to the knowledge base about leading educational change, transformation and improvement. 
  • International Congress for School Effectiveness and Improvement (ICSEI) is an energetic global community bringing together policy makers, researchers and practitioners from over 80 countries in the ICSEI community to share cutting edge knowledge and powerful practice with a view to enabling education systems and schools to become learning organizations for the sake of better education for all. 
  •, a twitter feed and blog to foster discussion of what's "new", what's "good" and what's "effective" from pre-kindergarten through secondary education outside the United States. Join the conversation on twitter and facebook and share the links with others who may be interested.