Conference Highlights

              2022 Conference Highlights

the 2022 business meeting was full of highlights. Our guest speaker, Dr. Sumreen Asim, Dr. Marie K. Health, Dr. Natalie B. Milman, and Jessa Henderson presented us with an engaging talk on power, privilege, and prejudice embedded in educational technology. The winner of our best paper award was Dr. K. Bret Staudt Willet (Florida State University). Our early career award was presented to Dr. Joshua Rosenberg (University of Tennessee, Knoxville). Graduate Student Travel Awards were presented to LeHong Shi (University of Georgia) and Run Wen (McGill University).

2021 Conference Highlights

The 2021 business meeting was unusual as we met in a virtual environment. Although challenging, we were able to network and celebrate the accomplishments of TACTL SIG members. The winners of the Best Paper Award were Pamela Hickey and Matthew Iannone. The Early Career Award was presented to Xiaoming Zhai.

2017 Conference Highlights

the 2017 business meeting was full of highlights. our guest speaker, dr. krista glazewski of indiana university presented us with an engaging talk.  the winners of our best paper award were  chrystalla mouza, lori pollocak, yi-cheng pan and sule yilmaz ozden.  our early career award was presented to royce kimmons (university of idaho).

2015 conference highlights

the 2015 annual meeting, in the windy city, chicago (april 16-20) was a huge success for our sig. we had a great turnout at the business meeting with an exciting speaker (thanks norm and his gang). we gave out awards, recognized the new governing board members, and had fun talking shop with friends, old and new.

2014 conference highlights

the conference this year was in philadelphia, pa from april 3 – 7, 2014.  the tactl sig was well represented with a large number of sessions.

additionally, the tactl sig meeting was well attended and featured a special invited talk by punya mishra (seen here with past chair, maggie niess):

tpack and beyond

matt koehler and punya mishra

at this meeting we introduced the winners of our two awards for 2014.  

early career scholar award

amy hutchison

best paper award

ray buss, keith wetzel, teresa foulger, and leeann lindsey

the new officers for sig-tactl have also been elected.  the completed group of officers for 2014-2015 will be:

doug hearrington 2014-2015 tactl sig chair

 - doug hearrington, armstrong university
vice chair
 - chrystalla mouza, university of delaware
program co-chair
 - debra spague, george mason university
secretary treasurer
 - amy hutchinson, iowa state university
internet information officer
 - henry gillow-wiles, oregon state university
past chair - maggie niess, oregon state university