Writing and Literacies SIG 137

Message from SIG Chair

Welcome to the Writing & Literacies SIG!

Welcome to the Writing and Literacies SIG, one of AERA's largest special interest groups and home to vibrant scholarship about people's literacy practices across the lifespan.

Each year, we work to offer a robust program at the annual AERA conference, thanks currently to the hard work of our Program Chair Jayne Lammers, our Treasurer Jamila Lyiscott, our Communication Chair Jennifer VanDerHeide, our Graduate Student Board, and all of our volunteer reviewers. 

We encourage prospective and current members to connect to the community throughout the year by:

  • Following us on social media (Facebook - AERA Writing & Literacies SIG, Twitter - @writinglit) 
  • Listening to podcasts by writing and literacies scholars (see below)
  • Reading and contributing to our twice-yearly newsletters
  • Submitting a proposal to the SIG for the annual conference 
  • Making new connections on our Twitter Chat #literacies: http://literacieschat.wordpress.com
  • Volunteering for one of the service positions with the SIG
  • Signing up for the mentoring program at the yearly conference
  • Joining a SIG social hour at other conferences (e.g., Literacy Research Association)
  • Applying for one of our awards
  • Attending the business meeting at the conference to network with international literacy scholars and learn about local literacy initiatives

Stay tuned to our social media channels for updates and opportunities related to these activities through the year. We look forward to hearing from prospective and current members and encourage everyone to get involved in the SIG!

anna smith 1G
  • Dr. Anna Smith
  • 2021-2022 Writing & Literacies SIG Chair
  • amsmi11@ilstu.edu