Steve Cahir Early Career Award for Research on Writing

The Writing & Literacies SIG is requesting nominations for the Steve Cahir Early Career Award for Research on Writing. The award celebrates the achievements of newer scholars in the field and helps the SIG spread news of their work within and outside of the SIG membership.

Eligibility: This award is presented to the early career scholar (within five years of their doctoral graduation date) who meets the following criteria: Excellence on all fronts including theory, literature review, methods, findings, significance of the research, and writing quality.

Nominations must include a letter from the nominating party explaining the significance of the nominee’s work, the nominee’s Curriculum Vitae, and a recent published article, book chapter, or book. Self-nominations are accepted.

Steve Witte Lifetime Achievement Award

The Steve Witte Lifetime Achievement Award shall be presented to a senior scholar who has made significant contributions to research in the area of writing and literacies through a particular academic work or body of work. The award is intended to celebrate the achievements of our more established members, and is named in honor of Stephen P. Witte, who was a leading scholar of writing theory and research, and a founding editor of the journal Written Communication.

The awards committee will consider the nominee’s contribution to writing and/or literacies research in education over a sustained period of time, the extent to which the research contributions have made a significant impact on the field and beyond the field, and the extent to which the nominee has made significant contributions to mentoring or leadership of others in writing and literacies research.

Eligibility: Nominees must be: (1) members of the SIG (applicants can obtain membership of the SIG at the time of submission); (2) senior scholar with outstanding contributions to research in writing and literacies; (3) Ph.D. conferred at least fifteen (15) years prior to the nomination.

Nomination Process: Any current member of the SIG may submit a nomination to the chair of the Awards Committee. Nomination must include the following information: 1. A letter from the nominating party explaining the significance of the nominee’s work. 2. The nominee’s Curriculum Vitae (max. 6 pages) 3. A copy of a selected paper, article, book chapter, or book that represents the work under consideration.