Learning and Teaching in Educational Leadership SIG 129

SIG Purpose

LTEL-SIG brings together discipline specialists, educational theorists, curriculum developers, educational researchers, classroom experts, practitioners, policy-makers, and others concerned with teaching in Educational Administration. 

The LTEL-SIG provides a forum for:

  • Assessment of the relationship of teaching in educational administration to policy development at local, state and a managed conversation on issues related to teaching and learning in Educational Administration;
  • The integration of theoretical quantitative and qualitative studies of teaching in Educational Administration;
  • Discussion of investigations conducted in real educational settings, including investigations involving application of technology to learning and instruction;
  • Exploration of innovative methodologies; and
  • Analysis of the implications of research and practice for teaching in Educational Administration.

The Journal of Research on Leadership Education (JRLE), an electronic peer-reviewed journal, provides an international venue for scholarship and discourse on the teaching and learning of leadership across the many disciplines that inform the field of educational leadership. JRLE seeks to promote and disseminate rigorous scholarship on the teaching, learning, and assessing of leadership preparation and practice, the political and contextual issues that impact leadership education, and the links between leadership education and student learning. JRLE accepts empirical and conceptual articles and embraces both traditional and emergent research paradigms.