Teacher's Work/Teachers Unions SIG 127

Message from SIG Chair

I attended AERA for years, presenting papers, listening to panels, looking in on events planned by various groups. Yet AERA is enormous! Why was I attending? What was I really taking away from my experience? I was not sure. Then, I attended a panel, chaired by Lois Weiner, for the Teachers' Work/Teachers Union Special Interest Group (SIG). I approached her and others who I soon learned were responsible for founding the SIG as a site for critical discussions centered on the impact of global and neoliberal education reform on teachers' work and their unions.

I went to more panels and roundtables organized by the SIG that year and found I could speak, I was heard, and I could engage in a dialogue about issues concerning the transformation of teaching as a profession, as work. I learned from teacher union researchers about on-going projects examining -- from teachers' perspectives -- what supports and lack thereof were needed to improve the education of all children in their classrooms. I learned that there are SIG Business meetings! Membership can and should be asked to dialogue and reach consensus or vote on how to create a more vibrant, participatory, and democratic collaborative. And members can have fun too. John Williamson, former chair, did not exaggerate when he wrote:  "The SIG provides a welcoming and hospitable environment for researchers to discuss all issues relating to teachers' work and teacher unions."

On behalf of the members of the Teachers' Work/Teachers Unions Special Interest Group, I welcome you to join us! Participate! Make the most of your AERA experience. And find a home for your research, teaching, and activist concerns with teachers' work and their unions. Details for getting involved are listed on this Web site, found on our Facebook page, and can be sent to you via email: saraharobert@gmail.com

In solidarity, sar (Feb.2015)