Teacher's Work/Teachers Unions SIG 127

SIG Purpose

To provide a forum for critical research, dialogue, and collaboration about teachers’ work and teachers unions.

What is mission and/or purpose?
As members of Teachers' Work/Teachers Unions we aim to: (i) promote multi-disciplinary research of teachers’ work and teachers’ unions in both historical and contemporary contexts; (ii) provide a forum for sharing research related to teachers’ work and teachers’ unions; (iii)  to support, promote, and advocate for the role of teachers and teachers unions in democratic societies, globally and locally.

Who are we?
We are a global network of teachers, teacher unionists, educational researchers, and activists. Members are concerned with K-12, higher education, and adult or informal education as well. We are a smaller community within AERA, open to mentoring and supporting each other's research and activism.

Why not join us?
We believe there is no other organization or network in the USA that brings together scholars and researchers interested in developing, promoting and sharing research of teachers’ work and teachers unions. Teachers and university academics, unionists and activists, are all involved in the SIG. If you have an interest in the organization and are eager to find a "home" within AERA, join us! Become a member today!

How can and do members get involved?
By joining the AERA SIG, Teachers' work/teachers unions, you become a voting member. You are the driving force behind elections of officers, the terms they serve, and agenda setting for the SIG.

Want to be more involved?
Run for one of three elected offices: Chair, Program Chair, and Secretary/Treasurer. You can run for elected offices with a co-collaborator too.

The SIG has an annual Outstanding Student Paper Award. The award is organized by an Award Chair. Step forward and let us know you wish to serve! It is a great way to read cutting edge research from the field and from around the world.

Each year, the SIG fields a call for papers or presentations to be presented at the AERA annual conference. Send in session or panel ideas! Send in papers and poster proposals! The more proposals to the SIG, the more opportunities our members have to present work from the field of Teachers' work and teachers unions.

We need reviewers, session chairs, and discussants too. Again, a great way to read/hear/speak to cutting edge research from the field and from our global network of members.

How can you stay involved?
Members are encouraged to share publications, work and award opportunities, calls for action, and calls for future publications or conference presentations related to teachers' work and teachers unions.