Message from SIG Chair

SIG Chair

As our service term comes to a close, Deena and I find ourselves working harder than ever to fulfill the initiative that brought about our co-responsible leadership: increase race/ethnicity as a part of the SIG dialogue. With the full collaboration of our fellow executive committee members, Heidi Pitzer and Ana Luisa Muñoz García, we sense we have but begun to do so. So much work remains to be done as the US climate worsens and we hope that the next leaders carry on this initiative.

We have seen the SIG's social media activity via the Facebook page increase and continued to expand the SIG network within the USA and far beyond. This will be most evident at AERA 2018 in New York City, which promises to be our most broad representation of research and grassroots initiatives and participants. 

SIG members continue to be prolific researchers and speakers around the globe. We welcome announcements and news from members! Please send along for us to share. SIG members also published a special issue in Gender and Education (2017, vol.29, issue1) entitled, Neoliberalism, Gender, and Education Work. This was a great opportunity to collaborate outside annual meetings. It was recently turned into a book by Routledge too. A great opportunity to further disseminate this facet of SIG concern.

We turn our attention now to a final annual meeting, elections, and hopefully final approval of our SIG bylaws on the Outstanding Student Paper Award. Please contact us if you wish to run for office!


Sarah and Deena (August, 2017)