In our Gallery you will find pictures and descriptions of past Teacher as Researcher SIG events.

AERA 2022 | Chicago, Illinois



Above: Sat April 15, 2023 TAR SIG Paper Presentation: Collective Pedagogies, Strengths, and Identities: Teacher Collaboration in a Youth Summer Media Production Program.Patricia Delacruz, Joy Valentine, Nevien Shaabneh, Andrea Vaughan, Mary Rose O’Shea, Kylie Holcomb, Kira J. Baker-Doyle, Nathan C. Phillips, Kristine M. Schutz, and Rebecca Woodard, University of Illinois at Chicago



Above: Sat April 15, 2023: Discussant Dr. Marilyn Cochran-Smith at the TAR SIG Paper Session Collaboration As Construction: Building Shared Insights Through Teacher Inquiry



Above: Sat April 15, 2023: Audience participation at the TAR SIG Paper Session Collaboration As Construction: Building Shared Insights Through Teacher Inquiry



Above: Sat April 15, 2023 TAR SIG Paper Presentation:Multimodal Learning Representations: An Opportunity to Engender Empathetic Understanding Among Teacher Research Partners.Julie A. Pantano, St. Johns County School District and Elsie Lindy Olan, University of Central Florida.



Above: Sat April 15, 2023:  Presenter Erica Kruger, Madison WI Metro School District, leading mindfulness practice at the  TAR SIG Paper Session Mindfulness, Empathy, and Justice: Forging New Paths in Teacher Research



Above: Sat April 15, 2023:TAR SIG Symposium: Teacher-Leaders as Critical Researchers: Exploring Critical Teacher Leadership in Practice with Chair Miyoshi Juergensen, Kennesaw State Univ; Micah Ducre, Cobb County School District; and Discussant Jill Bradley Levine, Ball State; Myra Bodrick, Gwinnett County Public Schools; Joanne Gauthier, Clayton County Public Schools; Jessie Leyden, Fulton County Schools; and MaryBeth Sanders, Hamilton Cty Dept of Ed.



Above: Sat April 15, 2023:Cookies galore at the TAR SIG Business Meeting, AERA Chicago 2023


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Above: Sat April 15, 2023: TAR SIG Co-Chair Alan Amtzis introducing Dr. Gholdy Muhammad at the TAR SIG Business Meeting and Reception, Chicago 2023



Above: Sat April 15, 2023:Invited guest Dr. Gholdy Muhammad at the TAR SIG Business Meeting and Reception, Chicago 2023



AERA 2019 | Toronto, Ontario

Business Meeting Reception: Bar Hop








AERA 2018 | New York, New York

Business Meeting with Kevin Kumashiro



Service Awards (Erin Hashimoto-Martell, Chair and Nathan Weber, Program Chair)











AERA 2017 | San Antonio, Texas


Business Meeting with Gloria Ladson-Billings


"When a Researcher Becomes a Teacher"










Paper Sessions












Business Meeting Reception: The Esquire Tavern











AERA 2016| | Washington, D.C.


Paper and Poster Sessions




Business Meeting with Gregory Michie
Same As It Never Was: An Education Professor Returns to the Classroom






Business Meeting Reception: Pennsylvania 6 DC



Service Awards (Meghan Blumenreich, Chair and Annie Adamian, Program Chair)


















AERA 2015 | Chicago, Illinois


Roundtables: Teacher Research: Community Building Towards Social Justice
and Teacher Research: Critical Literacy Across the Grades




Business Meeting with Guest Michelle Fine
Teaching and Researching Into the Contradictions



AERA 2014 | Philadelphia, Pennsylvania




Invited Session: Exploring the Power of Practitioner Research in Practice and Policy: The Philadelphia Story
Chairs: Marilyn Cochran-Smith and Susan Lytle



Business Meeting with Guest Speaker Ballenger

 Teacher Research: The Need for Uncertainty

Symposium: Teacher Researchers Learning to Advocate for Diversity in Sexual
Identity and Gender Expression in Schools







Roundtable: Teacher Research: Investigating Innovative Practices (Artifacts from
"Visual Teaching Philosophies: Art's Role in (Teacher) Education," Debora Anne Broderick)