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Program Chair Update

May 17, 2018

Hello, all. 

We had another successful annual meeting this year. It is now time to again ask for your service to the SIG. AERA elections are coming up next week and there are only a few days left to nominate someone (including yourself) to run for an officer position with the AERA Systems Thinking in Education SIG. We are in need of people willing to serve the SIG so that it can continue to offer its unique lens to educational problems and solutions within AERA. 

We are seeking nominations for the following positions (each is a two year position): 

  1. Chair-elect (serve as chair in second year)
  2. Program chair (serve as chair in second year).

In order to nominate yourself or someone else, please email me at by 8am ET on Monday, May 21st.

We are also looking for a volunteer Webmaster after Chad Green stepped down after many great years of providing service to the SIG.

I’m happy to answer any questions regarding the positions. We need volunteers to remain viable and continue to grow so please consider stepping up!


- Bill