Science Teaching and Learning SIG 122

Who We Are

2021-2022 Science Teaching and Learning
SIG #122 Officers


SIG Chair (2021-2022)

J. Bryan Henderson

Arizona State University 

Program Chair (2021-2022)

Lori Andersen

University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa 

Program Co-Chair (2021-2022)

Chrissy Cross

Stephen F. Austin State University

Secretary and Treasurer (2021-2022)

Colby Tofel-Grehl

Utah State University 

Graduate Student Representative

Nadia Qureshi

University of Toronto

If you are a graduate student that is interested in serving the STL SIG, please email the SIG chair with a short rationale for wanting to join the STL leadership team and a short CV. Decisions on the graduate student representative are made by the whole STL leadership team. Please consider joining us!