Neurodiversity and Autism Research in Education Committee (NAREC)

NAREC's Mission and Goals:


  • Promote access to equitable and inclusive opportunities for neurodivergent and autistic individuals through understanding and specialized supports
  • Contextualize disability from a neurodiversity perspective 
  • Investigate intersections of autism and other identities, such as gender, class, race/ethnicities, and sexuality
  • Take a strength-focused approach to providing universally designed supports and remove socially constructed barriers to enhance quality of life 
  • Build education to employment pipelines
  • Foster self-awareness, self-efficacy, and self-esteem


  • Include the voices of neurodivergent and autistic individuals from across the lifespan as co-researchers 
  • Establish a community forum featuring research by neurodivergent and autistic scholars and their allies
  • Encourage researchers to use participatory research methods through synchronous and asynchronous sharing of resources and recommended practices
  • Highlight participatory scholarly research that has the potential to impact policy and practice
  • Foster conversations around research that aims to identify and address research to practice gaps around neurodiversity and autism
  • Learn from the voices of various stakeholders (including autistic individuals, families, professionals, employers, and community members) to better understand the needs in the field
  • Conduct neurodiversity and autism focused research that seeks to improve the well-being of autistic and neurodiverse people as defined by them 
  • Promote intervention research that is applicable to home, school, work and community settings