The Maureen Hallinan Graduate Student Paper Award (annual)

This award shall be presented to a graduate student or junior faculty person (in the case that the paper was written as a graduate student and published subsequently) whose research shows exceptional promise and will likely influence the field over the course of his/her career. Anyone may nominate a paper; self-nominations are permissible. The paper must be included with the nomination, as well as a cover letter making the case for the paper’s merits. The award carries with it a $500 cash award in addition to a lovely plaque; the cash award is courtesy of the Department of Sociology and the Center for Research on Educational Opportunity at the University of Notre Dame.

Elizabeth G. Cohen Distinguished Career in Applied Sociology of Education Award

Every two years, the Sociology of Education SIG selects a senior scholar to receive this award, in recognition of a research career that is an exemplar of how to successfully bring rigorous research to bear on solutions to problems in practical settings. This award recognizes our exceptional colleagues who go above and beyond the call of academic duty, making their work accessible, relevant and effective for application to our most pressing educational problems. 

Past award winners are listed at: