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NAEP Studies SIG Webinar: NAEP HSTS

The AERA NAEP Studies SIG hosted its first webinar of 2022 on Wednesday, June 15th, focusing on the 2019 NAEP High School Transcript Study.

AERA NAEP Studies SIG Webinar Series
Examining High School Coursetaking and Academic Performance:  2019 NAEP High School Transcript Study

The NAEP High School Transcript Study (HSTS) is a NAEP special study where transcripts are collected and analyzed from a nationally representative sample of public and private high school graduates. The study examines the types of courses the graduates took while in high school, how many credits they earned, and the grades they received.  As the HSTS school sample corresponds to the NAEP twelfth-grade assessment school sample, relationships between high school coursework and academic performance can be explored through the graduates’ performance on selected NAEP twelfth-grade assessments.

This past April, NCES released the results from the 2019 NAEP HSTS, looking at trends in high school coursetaking over the past three decades.  This webinar looked at the changes in the HSTS methodology since the 2009 transcript study, the ways that the HSTS data can be analyzed, the results from the 2019 study, and the resources available to educational researchers who may be interested in incorporating the HSTS data into their work.  Robert Perkins and Lisa Hamilton of Westat were the presenters for the webinar.
The PowerPoint slides used in the presentation can be accessed by clicking this link.  A video of the presentation has been uploaded onto YouTube.