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Call for Nominations

Consider nominating yourself (or someone else, with their permission) for our January 2020 election of new SIG officers (terms to begin at the close of the AERA meeting in April).

If you wish to be considered for one of the positions listed below, please email with your full name, the office you wish to run for, and a maximum 250-word bio to appear on the ballot.

The deadline for nominations is Wednesday, September 30.

The following positions will be on the ballot:

· Treasurer (2 years)
· Member-at-Large (2 years) – two positions available
· Graduate Student Representative (1 year)

AERA policy requires that all elections be competitive; that is, there must be two or more candidates for each elected office. Only Regular Members of AERA can run for office. Graduate student members can only serve in positions designated for graduate students (i.e., Graduate Student Representative), but graduate students can run for other offices if they purchase a regular (not student) membership. All candidates must be current members of the SIG and of AERA to serve as an officer.