Who We Are

Structure & Governance

Board Duties

Co-Chair – The co-chair serves for two years, first as the junior and then senior co-chair. The senior co-chair presides over meetings of the executive board and at the membership during the SIG annual business meeting. In addition, each co-chair has specific duties related to conference organization. During the first year of service, the co-chair’s primary responsibility involves liaising with the NCTM Research Committee and assisting with the nominations and awards work. During the second year of service, the co-chair’s responsibilities include: general administration of the SIG-RME, serving as the program chair for the SIG-RME sessions for the AERA annual meeting, and liaising between the SIG and AERA.

Treasurer – The Treasurer has two primary duties: (1) Keeping the financial accounts updated and (2) Authorizing and Coordinating payment for various expenses. Important examples of expenses include: SIG business meeting at AERA, SIG/RME speaker at NCTM, Early Career and Senior Scholar Awards, STaR fellows, as well as processing reimbursements for SIG related expenses, as needed.  The treasurer writes a brief annual financial report for the newsletter and for the SIG business meeting.

Communications – The Communications Board Member’s primary responsibilities are coordinating communication between the Board and members of SIG-RME, posting to social media, and preparing and distributing SIG-RME newsletters.

Electronics – The primary responsibility of the Electronics board members is to maintain and regularly update the SIG-RME website with announcements, job postings, and calls for manuscripts. The Electronics Board Member also manages the annual election process and is on the selection panel for the Early Career Award recipient.

Awards – The Awards Board Member is responsible for managing the process for soliciting nominations for awards and serving on the committee to decide on award recipients. The Awards Board Member is responsible for coordinating the award events at NCTM and the SIG/RME at AERA.

Events – The primary responsibilities of the Events board member are to arrange the SIG-RME reception at AERA and the joint meeting at NCTM.  The events board member also is on the selection panel for the Early Career Award recipient.

Graduate Student Representative – Participate in board meetings to support development of AERA Annual Meeting Program. Plan and Facilitate graduate programs for AERA annual meeting and SIG-RME business meetings. Select incoming graduate rep. Design and disseminate announcements for upcoming programs and networking opportunities.