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AERA 2022 Qualitative Research-SIG Call for Proposals

 Friday, April 22–Monday, April 25

San Diego, CA

Conference Theme: “Cultivating Equitable Education Systems for the 21st Century”

Submission Deadline: July 12, 2021 at 11:59 PM Pacific Time 

Call Details: AERA’s program call opens with the following: 

Education faces a myriad of challenges and opportunities. Among them are residual effects of the four pandemics (Ladson-Billings, 20211 )—the COVID-19 pandemic, the pandemic of systemic racism, the economic crisis, and the climate crisis—that together lay bare the long-standing and deep disparities in our systems of education and call for a new charge. This historical moment is an opportunity to build systems that realize the full potential of people and communities. It is a time for us to be laser-focused on understanding and redressing educational inequalities and building systems that embrace equity and justice. To do this, we must dismantle, redesign, and reconstruct systems that have reinforced and propagated structural racism, anti-Blackness, and educational injustice for minoritized people. We must move towards the reimagining and creation of systems that view opportunity and education as a human right.

The conference call asks us to examine how to confront education inequalities and systems that are intertwined with complex contexts of life and schooling. This year we also continue our commitment as a SIG, in terms of both our leadership practices and the work we privilege in the program, to examine and disrupt our own complicity in systemic racism, and three other interrelated pandemics of Covid-19, economic crisis, and climate change, in the research we conduct and the systems in which we operate.

Given the theme, we welcome submissions that highlight how qualitative inquiry may serve to address the effects of the four pandemics. We also welcome submissions that complicate and critique past, present, and possible qualitative research in terms of how these pandemics have and will continue to evolve. These critiques may help us imagine a transformative future of qualitative inquiry that is sensitive to and thoughtful about the role qualitative research has historically, presently, and should work to play in confronting these mega-challenges and their intersection with educational research.   

Specifically, the Qualitative Research SIG invites papers that foreground discussions of qualitative inquiry. Qualitative Research includes a wide range of methodological, theoretical, and analytic approaches to education research, including but not limited to interpretive, intersectional, anti-racist, critical, post-structural, and posthumanist frameworks and the multitude of approaches produced from working at these intersections.

While proposals that address the yearly theme are encouraged, high quality proposals on all topics that make contributions to qualitative inquiry are welcomed.

We invite scholars from all divisions and SIGs to submit proposals. The AERA online submission system is now open, and details about the formal call for proposals and the July 12, 2021 deadline can be found at:


Proposals for papers, posters, roundtables, and symposia/sessions are invited, and innovative session designs are encouraged. In order to accommodate flexibility in program decisions, please select all of the formats in which you would be willing to present your work. Every year there are far more spots available for poster presentations and roundtable papers than individual papers and symposia. We encourage you to be very thoughtful about your use of key words as we rely on these to identify the most knowledgeable reviewers for your work. Please also note that ‘working group roundtables’ and ‘structured poster sessions’ count as symposia (even though they are named to suggest otherwise), and thus compete against numerous other proposed sessions for a small number of slots. Both paper and session submissions must not identify the author(s) in any way.

Please share this call for proposals with all who may be interested. The number of proposals and the size of our active membership determine the number of sessions allocated to each SIG. Please consider our SIG as a place to share your work and renew your SIG membership when you submit your proposals. Encourage students and colleagues to join our SIG, too. All information about the annual meeting can be found at http://www.aera.net

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Alex Panos & Cassie Quigley 

AERA Qualitative SIG Program Co-Chairs