Who We Are


Committees and Leadership Involvement: We have several ways to get involved in the SIG and would love to have you join us!

Annual Best Paper Award Committee

What we do: Review the submissions for the award (they are representative from those accepted for the Annual Meeting). The committee selects the best paper award, and the winner is presented with a plaque at the Annual Meeting.

**NEW** Graduate Student Paper Award Committee

What we do: This is in the process of approval, but will mirror the committee work for the Best Paper Award. We hope to have this award available for the 2024 Annual Meeting.

Events and Learning Communities

What we do: Plan for virtual events and activities where we may engage as a learning community. We strive to plan for 3 per year, and involvement on the committee is typically focused on one event (we have a separate group plan each event to honor time commitments and reduce the potential of a heavy-lift in this leadership role).