Dewey Studies SIG 56

Who We Are

The SIG is a Special Interest Group of the American Educational Research Association established to facilitate the formation of research specialties of an intra- or cross-divisional nature and to increase the exchange of knowledge within research arenas of special interest, and for other purposes in keeping with achieving the mission and objectives of the Association. 

This Dewey Studies SIG first met in 2011, when The John Dewey Society, which had previously operated within the Association as a semi-autonomous entity, officially separated from AERA. The John Dewey Society now holds its annual national meeting at the same time as the annual AERA meeting in the same city.

Current Dewey Studies SIG Officers
SIG Chair - Margaret Macintyre Latta
SIG Past Chair - Patrick M. Jenlink
SIG Program Chair - Carol Rodgers
SIG Secretary/Treasurer - Chetanath Gautam
SIG Communication Officer - Bob Coulter