Online Teaching and Learning SIG 35

Message from the SIG Chair

Welcome to the AERA Online Teaching and Learning SIG!

The Special Interest Group for Online Teaching and Learning is committed to providing a forum for discussion and reporting on issues and advance research related to online teaching and learning.

Online Teaching and Learning members come from a variety of fields and contribute to a vibrant and eclectic community of researchers and practitioners. Together, members in the group bridge research and practice under the shared goal to advance education.

We are excited that you are joining this community! Feel free to contact any of the SIG Officers listed on this website and, most importantly, get involved with the SIG. There are many ways you can get involved by submitting proposals, running for a SIG officer, becoming a proposal reviewer, or working on special projects. Please join us on Twitter and Facebook.

For recent news about the SIG, please check the latest Newsletter.

Looking forward to collaborating with you,

Ana-Paula Correia
Professor of Learning Technologies
Director of the Center on Education and Training for Employment

College of Education and Human Ecology
The Ohio State University