SIG Design and Technology [31]

Mission and Purpose

SIG Purpose: To foster research and innovation in design and technology in formal and informal education.

SIG Design and Technology is situated within scholarship relating to the learning and practice of design in educational or practitioner contexts, including studies where design is highlighted as a unique way of knowing (Cross, 2007), the design of materials intended to foster learning is highlighted, technologies to support design or learning practices are explored, and where the intersections of design and technology are otherwise studied through empirical research. The contributions of SIG proposals frequently intersects with research from communities such as: design, design and technology education, educational technology, engineering education, and human-computer interaction.

The SIG welcomes submissions that relate to a full complement of design research, including:

  • Contributions that document design artifacts or experiences in their full complexity without the attempt to generalize (i.e., design cases)
  • Contributions that use design approaches to build new knowledge (e.g., design-based research, formative research, design and development research, research through design)
  • Empirical studies that systematically reveal new aspects of design cognition or the interplay between design and technology.
  • Across all of these contribution types, we accept proposals with diverse methodologies, including qualitative, quantitative, experimental, descriptive, and mixed methods approaches.