Cultural Historical Research SIG 30

Website/Communications Chair



Eddie Rivero
Postdoctoral Researcher
Learning Policy Institute

Eddie Rivero is a Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the Learning Policy Institute whose research examines relationship centered schools (RCS). He is a learning scientist whose dissertation research examined youth agency and ingenuity in online gaming ecologies. Specifically, Rivero's research positions play as a critical site of inquiry for understanding the relationships, digital literacies, and sociopolitical dimensions of learning in which youth of color engage in their everyday lives. 

Selected Publications 
Rivero, E., & Gutiérrez, K. D. (2019). “You know what’s glitching?”: Emergent digital literacies in video game play. In The Routledge handbook of digital literacies in early childhood (pp. 158-168). Routledge. 

Gutierrez, K. D., Higgs, J., Lizarraga, J. R., & Rivero, E. (2019). Learning as movement in social design-based experiments: Play as a leading activityHuman Development62(1-2), 66-8.