Cultural Historical Research SIG 30

Co-Chairs of SIG-30

Arturo Cortez
Teacher Learning, Research & Practice
University of Colorado Boulder

Arturo Cortez is an Assistant Professor of Teacher Learning, Research and Practice at the University of Colorado, Boulder. Broadly, his work is animated by cultural historical activity to explore how teachers collectively design for transformative and humanizing learning environments that leverage the everyday cultural practices of nondominant youth in urban settings. In his work with novice teachers, he intentionally designs for equity to understand the learning processes that emerge as teachers learn how to break away from dominant forms of schooling, opening up opportunities for new relationships between teachers, students, school administration, and community members. Click this link for Dr. Cortez's extended academic bio

Selected Publications 
Gutiérrez, K. D., Espinoza, M., Becker, B., Cortes, K., Cortez, A., Lizárraga, J. R., Rivero, E., Villegas, K., & Yin, P. (co-equal authors). (2019). Youth as Historical Actors in the Production of Possible Futures.  Mind, Culture, and Activity.

Cortez, A. , & Gutiérrez, K. D. (2019). Socio-spatial repertoires as tools for resistance and expansive literacies. In M. P. Pacheco & P. Z. Morales (Eds.), Transforming schooling for second language learners: Policies, pedagogies, and practices. Charlotte, NC: Information Age Publishing, Inc.

Anu Kajamaa
Faculty of Educational Sciences  
University of Helsinki

Anu Kajamaa, PhD, is an Associate Professor and Principal Investigator in the Faculty of Educational Sciences, University of Helsinki, Finland. She is Co-Leader of an expert group called Learning, Culture and Interventions (LECI) and the Vice Director of the Doctoral Programme of School, Education, Society and Culture (SEDUCE) in the Faculty of Educational Sciences. She is also a Visiting Associate Professor at Aalto University, School of Business (Department of Management Studies) and in the School of Arts, Design and Architecture (Department of Media) in Finland. She serves as the Co-Chair of the Cultural-Historical Research Special Interest Group (SIG) at The Americal Educational Research Association (AERA). She has published over 60 papers in international journals and books, and has received several awards for her research and teaching. Click this link for Dr. Kajamaa's extended academic bio

Selected Publications 
Kajamaa, A., Kumpulainen, K. (2019). (Eds.) Double Special issue: Young people, digital mediation and transformative agency. Mind, Culture and Activity, Volume 26, Issues 3 & 4.

Kajamaa, A. & Kumpulainen, K. (2019). Agency in the Making: Analyzing students’ transformative agency in a school-based makerspace. Mind, Culture and Activity 26(3), 266-281.

Kajamaa, A., Mattick, K., Parker, H., Hilli, A. & Rees, C. (2019). Trainee doctors’ experiences of common problems in the antibiotic prescribing process: an activity theory analysis of narrative data from UK hospitals. BMJ Open 9(6).