Meetings & Other Events

Our SIG holds a standard business meeting each year at annual convention. Additionally, paper, roundtable, poster, keynote, short course, and special research sessions at annual convention are scheduled based on a formula which involves use of metrics like number of SIG members, number of papers submitted to the SIG for review, number of papers presented in the previous years’ convention(s) etc. SIG members are invited to use the national and international professional relationships garnered from these standard annual meetings to spin out additional programming throughout the academic year and summer or holiday months. Digital meetings and offerings which can be created and offered globally to further the scholarship of our SIG are encouraged and conversations about such may be best brought forward at our annual business meeting. Other opportunities to roll out additional SIG program may be crafted by any SIG member after use of best practices to gather SIG engagement and input. Contact the SIG leadership for mor information.  ‚Äč