Research in Reading & Literacy SIG 11

Welcome Letter from the SIG Chair

All of the SIG Officers welcome you to YOUR SIG website.

We appreciate your membership and encourage you to invite your non-SIG member colleagues to become members. Please direct them to the AERA website ( to sign in. Then have them click on SIGs located in the menu situated in the upper right-hand corner of the page. In the About AERA SIGs-centered information, direct them to SIG Information and follow the directions: “Non-members, please click here to become a member of AERA and one or more SIGs or to renew your AERA and SIG memberships.”

Throughout the year, we will continue to share current SIG announcements and other information in our newsletter and look forward to meeting you at the AERA annual meeting. Make sure to introduce yourselves at the annual meeting and contact any SIG officer listed in our directory for additional information.

Best regards,

Wayne Slater, Chair