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The International Consortium on World Literacy

AERA 2022 

International Consortium on World Literacy: Why Has the United States Ranked 13th in Rankings of World Literacy?

Thu, April 21, 2022 11:30am to 1:00pm PDT 

We had a successful AERA 2021 where we had a gathering of our International Consortium on World Literacy. Dr. Johannes Naumann, Wuppertal University, Wuppertal, Germany was our guest speaker. He provided an interactive workshop on understanding and using big data from PISA (the Programme for International Student Achievement) for research. 

The International Consortium on World Literacy is committed to the study and development of literacy among peoples across the world. This Consortium invites researchers, educators, and policy makers to address the obstacles faced in achieving literacy, and specifically, high literacy (e.g. interpretation, critical thinking), in their home country and the ways in which the country is overcoming these challenges. 

The Consortium reviews research which addresses the practices, performances, and achievement in literacy in local regional and national contexts.  We ask the following types of questions: 

1.  What scientific data and descriptive studies are available and require attention to understand literacy? 

2. How are levels of literacy changing over time and space? Across countries and in the United States? 

3. What measures are available and being used to assess different categories of literacy from childhood to adulthood, and across the life span? 

4. What influence has technology had and will continue to have on world literacies? 

5. Who has the technology and technological abilities? How are these related to SES, cultural habits, minority status, availability of schooling, political power? 

6. How can PISA and other Big Data be used to assess and advance literacy? What are its strengths and limitations? 

7. What will change as we advance in achieving literacy in developing countries? 

8. How might we connect to other world literacy organizations to achieve common goals? 

The Consortium views literacy as a means for countries to achieve economic growth, gender equality, overcome discrimination, and advance in social and cultural developments. International contributions to journals and books will enhance our knowledge base. 

Members of AERA and the Research in Reading and Literacy SIG 11, International Studies SIG 54; Data Driven Decision-Making SIG 179; and NAEP Studies SIG 99 collaborated with our Consortium for the 2021 Workshop and Speaker Series. We believe the future of nations and the world is heavily dependent upon our goals and designs for literacy development. Those interested in participating in this Consortium are welcome to attend future events and may contact us for further information.   

Rosalind Horowitz, Ph.D. Professor, The University of Texas, San Antonio Head, International Consortium for World Literacy


Lisa A. Griffith, M.A. Co-Chair International Consortium on World Literacy, Texas State University