Advanced Studies of National Databases SIG 6

Message from the 2019-2021 SIG Chair

Welcome to the Advanced Studies of National Databases (ASOND) SIG! We are a group of educational researchers interested in learning about available large-scale data sources, uncovering best practices for working with large-scale datasets, and applying such knowledge to the rigorous study of relevant substantive issues. Although our name focuses on national databases, our members apply their expertise and interests to international, state-, provincial-, and district-level datasets and systems.

The aim of our SIG is to explore the utility of research involving large-scale datasets to provide relevant evidence about current educational issues, and our SIG activities provide scholars both an outlet for their work to be recognized and opportunities to network with those doing similar work.

Current SIG activities include:

  • Supporting a variety of AERA conference presentation formats to foster rich and informed discussion of your work.
  • Alerting members of upcoming large-scale dataset workstops and database releases through ASOND listserv announcements and the ASOND Newsletter.
  • Hosting a dissertation award competition to recognize outstanding large-scale dataset research conducted by recent Ph.D.s.
  • Inviting members to support the SIG and network with other members through serving as a proposal review panelist, a session chair or discussant, a newsletter or website editor, or a SIG officer.

You can also support the ASOND SIG simply by joining us—and by encouraging interested colleagues and students to do the same. The number of annual conference openings for paper, roundtable, and poster sessions for each SIG is driven by the membership and conference proposal submission counts, so additional members provide greater opportunities for members’ work to be accepted for presentation.

Thank you for your membership and participation in our SIG!

Jian Li

2021 – 2023 Chair