IES Reauthorization and NCES Autonomy


AERA appointed a Task Force on the Reauthorization of the Institute of Education Sciences in February, 2009 to provide Congress and the U.S. Department of Education an independent examination of the agency. The Task Force developed 16 recommendations for six key areas central to improving the education research agency after an 18-month period of study, information gathering, and expert advice.

House Panel Holds Hearing on Education Research and Student Data Privacy
AERA Highlights, June 2017

Senate Passes Strengthening Education Through Research Act
AERA Highlights, December 2015

IES Reauthorization Underway as 114th Congress Tackles Full Education Agenda
AERA Highlights, January 2015

IES Reauthorization, Evaluating Research Outcomes Were Key Topics at OIA Fall Policy Meeting
AERA Highlights, September 2014

AERA Executive Director Comments on Senate IES Reauthorization Bill
AERA Highlights, September 2014
- Comment from Jack Buckley (PDF)
- Comment from Mark Schneider (PDF)

AERA and Partners Urge Senate to Restore NCES Stature
AERA Highlights, August 2014
- Letter to Chairman Harkin and Ranking Member Alexander (PDF)
- NCES Fact Sheet (PDF)

Keeping the National Center for Education Statistics independent
The Hill, August 28, 2014

Save our data! Protect the integrity of education statistics
Thomas B. Fordham Institute, July 31, 2014

House Passes IES Reauthorization Bill: AERA Prepares for Potential Senate Action
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House Committee Advances IES Reauthorization Bill
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IES Reauthorization Negotiations Stall
GAO Issues Recommendations on IES Performance in Improving Education Research
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House Education Hearing Focuses on Strengthening IES
AERA Highlights, September 2013

AERA Report and Recommendations for the Reauthorization of the Institute of Education Sciences
April 2011

AERA Appointed a Task Force on the Reauthorization of the Institute of Education Sciences
February 2009