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Paper Title: Maximizing Learning and Performance Using Incentive Systems in Educational Games
Session Title: Support of Student Self-Regulated Learning in Technology Contexts
Paper Type: Roundtable Presentation
Presentation Date: 4/11/2021
Presentation Location: Virtual
Descriptors: Motivation, Technology, Video Games
Methodology: Quantitative
Author(s): Seyedahmad Rahimi, University of Florida; Valerie J. Shute, Florida State University; Renata Kuba, Florida State University – Tallahassee; Chih-Pu Dai, Florida State University; Xiaotong Yang, Florida State University – Tallahassee; Ginny Smith, Florida State University; Cristina Alonso Fernández, Complutense University of Madrid
Unit: Division C - Learning and Instruction
Abstract: In this study, we examined the use and effectiveness of an incentive system in a computer-based physics game on students’ learning and performance. The purpose of the incentive system was to motivate students (n = 199) to access learning supports designed to facilitate content knowledge acquisition (i.e., content-related supports) and minimize the use of solution videos (i.e., game-related supports). Results indicated that the incentive system effectively increased how often students viewed content-related supports and decreased their reliance on solution videos. Furthermore, students who viewed more content-related supports showed higher posttest scores and solved more game levels compared to those who watched fewer supports, controlling for pretest scores. We conclude by proposing areas of interest for future research.