Call for Article Submissions for Centennial Volume of <i>Review of Research in Education</i>

Review of Research in Education
Education Research and Its Second Century, 2016 Volume

The 2016 volume of the Review of Research in Education (RRE) is dedicated to commemorating the Centennial of the American Educational Research Association through publication of a discipline-defining work that captures significant research contributions on education and learning of the past century and looks ahead to the most challenging issues and promising directions for the next century. Manuscripts are invited from across the many subfields and overlapping arenas of inquiry that constitute education research and from adjacent disciplines and fields where there is relevant research and expertise. Scholars with a passion for critically examining topics, synthesizing and integrating bodies of knowledge, and reflectively assessing what we know and the issues that should drive future research would be ideal authors to consider submission to this volume of RRE.

A collaborative editorial team is leading the preparation and publication of this work and instituting an open call for submissions. Since its inception almost 40 years ago, RRE has served the field as an annual peer-reviewed journal on specific topical issues with invited authors. For the Centennial year, the RRE theme is “Education Research and Its Second Century”—without imposing an a priori structure on what the specific topics should be or who is best situated to address them. The call is wide open to syntheses and analyses of empirical, theoretical, or methodological lines of research or the interplay between and among them in substantive areas of scientific and scholarly inquiry in the field. The call invites consideration of research issues across substantive domains, levels of analysis, and modes of inquiry, including the very best thinking and scholarship across the subject areas of AERA's divisions and SIGs. In addition, proposals related to historical developments in education research, the sociology of science/scholarship, or the infrastructure or infrastructural developments of the field (e.g., the education research profession, R&D policies and their impact, the changing social demography of the field) are welcome.  

The call for proposals encourages ideas for articles from seasoned and emerging scholars on wide-ranging issues and areas of specialization related to education and learning. The call seeks proposals directed to critical examinations of the state of the knowledge situated in the emergence and transformation of work in a given area; where relevant, broader historical issues that may have affected scientific and scholarly developments; and the challenges, opportunities, uncertainties, or controversies that may have shaped a topic or be of relevance looking ahead. The goal for the Centennial RRE volume is to publish work that contributes to cumulative knowledge, captures research developments and findings of sustained significance, and addresses research innovations anchored in their time or place that can shape directions of scholarly promise and potential for the future.

The editorial team will review proposals and invite authors to prepare manuscripts based on the overall objectives of the volume and the promise of each proposed work. Proposals are due December 15, 2014. The authors invited to submit manuscripts will be notified by January 15, 2015, and will be expected to submit final manuscripts for peer review no later than June 15, 2015, to allow for publication at the beginning of the 2016 Centennial year. Proposals for manuscript submissions should not exceed 1,000 words, and should be submitted to All inquiries should also be submitted to this address. Final manuscripts for RRE articles are expected to be 8,000–10,000 words.

2016 RRE Centennial Editors
Patricia A. Alexander, University of Maryland
Felice J. Levine, American Educational Research Association
William F. Tate IV, Washington University in St. Louis