AERA Virtual Research Learning Center

The AERA Virtual Research Learning Center (VRLC) is a virtual space for students, early career and advanced scholars, practitioners, and others in the education research community to receive professional development and research capacity–building trainings. It is a resource for introductory and advanced courses on research methods, data analysis, and professional/career development in education research. Researchers around the world can access the AERA-VRLC to enhance, expand, or refresh their research skills.

The AERA-VRLC is aligned with the current focus of the larger AERA professional development program to provide training in specific research methods and skills, cover significant research issues in related disciplines (e.g., economics, psychology), emphasize specialized areas (e.g., research on children placed at risk), address professional development issues (e.g., publication skills/strategies, research integrity), focus on research for the improvement of practice, or examine recent methodological and substantive developments in education research.

To access the AERA-VRLC, visit the AERA-VRLC Registration Website. Feel free to contact AERA-VRLC at with any questions.