Draft 2025 NAEP Reading Assessment Framework Available for Public Comment—Deadline: July 23

June  2020

The National Assessment Governing Board (NAGB) is accepting public comments on the draft 2025 NAEP Reading Assessment Framework. This is the first comprehensive update of the framework since 2004. Comments are due July 23.

NAEP frameworks guide the development of the content and format in each of the subjects included in the NAEP suite of assessments.  NAGB approved a policy statement on framework development in March 2018 to give its Assessment and Development Committee authority to periodically review the frameworks and determine whether updates are warranted.

NAGB described the proposed changes to the prior framework in a June 12 Federal Register notice, including:

  • Reporting scores in three areas—reading literature, reading science, and reading social studies—rather than reporting scores on literary and informational texts.
  • Making all assessment tasks, rather than only a subset of tasks, purpose-driven. In purpose-driven tasks, students are told before they begin reading why they are reading a passage and what they will be doing with it afterward.
  • Adding “Use and Apply” to the three comprehension targets that are currently scored (“Locate and Recall,” “Integrate and Interpret,” and “Analyze and Evaluate”), meaning that students will be asked to apply their reading to a culminating task such as making a recommendation or developing a website.
  • Providing a basis not only for reporting but also for explaining student achievement by collecting and reporting data about students' engagement, effort, and experiences with reading tasks.

Access to the draft framework and instructions for submitting comments are available after completion of a short survey