AERA Interactive Presentation Gallery Offers 2020 Annual Meeting Authors Options with Chats, Q&A, and Presentation Citations

June  2020

On June 11, AERA Executive Director Felice J. Levine sent a letter to 2020 Annual Meeting accepted paper authors, detailing ways in which they can share their research with the education research community worldwide, including by participating in AERA’s new Interactive Presentation Gallery. AERA is launching the gallery to offer an open access space for sharing presentations intended for the 2020 Annual Meeting, as well as presentations from future AERA annual meetings and convenings. 

“We encourage authors to take advantage of this exciting opportunity to share their research widely and, if they choose to do so, to engage in real-time conversations,” Levine said. “The gallery also provides a rich opportunity for authors and users all across the field of education research to network and engage in ideas with colleagues and potential future collaborators.” 

The gallery allows authors to use web-based, visually appealing templates to create equivalents of PowerPoint slides, handouts, or posters. Essentially, the gallery is the equivalent of a meeting presentation with authors able to record a 6–8 minute narration as well as comment on any specific slide. 

The deadline for 2020 authors to participate in the AERA Interactive Presentation Gallery is July 31. During the month of August, authors who wish to do so may schedule chat times and also respond to Q&A through the gallery. After August, the gallery will remain a permanent open access resource accessible through the AERA website. Presentations in the gallery have a unique citation.

Authors are encouraged to create a presentation in the gallery whether or not they located their paper in the AERA Online Paper Repository by the June 22 deadline. The gallery is available for all presentations. Authors who did not opt in to the repository may still participate in the gallery. 

Authors should have received an email invitation on Friday, June 12, with instructions on how to prepare their interactive presentations. Those who did not receive the email or who have questions can send an email to Additional information is available in AERA’s Facts & Opportunities sheet.