AERA Nominating Committee for SIG Executive Committee Seeks Recommendations

July  2020

13. sig executive committee

The AERA Nominating Committee for the Special Interest Groups (SIG) Executive Committee seeks recommendations for well-qualified candidates to run for the positions of Chair-Elect and Member-at-Large in the 2021 election. The chair-elect will serve a one-year term as chair-elect followed by a two-year term as chair (simultaneously serving as the SIG representative to AERA Council). The member-at-large will serve a three-year term. 

Per AERA’s bylaws, the SIG Executive Committee provides general oversight for the operations of SIGs and makes recommendations to AERA Council regarding their establishment or dissolution. The SIG Executive Committee also recommends policies and procedures for the formation, operations, and dissolution of SIGs for Council review and approval. Upon approval of these policies and procedures by Council, the SIG Executive Committee has responsibility for their implementation. In addition to providing oversight and being concerned with policies and procedures, the SIG Executive Committee functions to promote the welfare of SIGs within the association. 

All recommendations must be received by 11:59 pm Pacific Time on Tuesday, September 15, 2020. Any current AERA member who is a member of at least one SIG may advance recommendations. Individuals may recommend themselves as candidates. 

Recommendations can be submitted here

The 2021 election will open in January 2021. Those elected will take office at the conclusion of the 2021 Annual Meeting.