AERA Executive Director Presents on Research Ethics at UK Conference

January 2014
AERA Executive Director Felice J. Levine presented on “Reflection and Developments in Research Ethics and Governance: A U.S. Perspective” earlier this month at a conference of the UK Academy of Social Sciences. She was the only non-UK presenter at the meeting, which was titled “Finding Common Ground? Research Ethics Across the Social Sciences.”

Levine’s presentation, which came a day after the release of Common Rule recommendations by a National Research Council panel, spoke to cross-cutting research ethics issues, and overviewed some of the common challenges and opportunities in UK and U.S. research ethics regulations.

As reported in the Times Higher Education, Levine told conference attendees that the NRC recommendations, coupled with a greater emphasis on the integrity of researchers, would “bring to [the] fore the significance of ethical considerations” and “give voice to them.”

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