Register Now for the Second AERA Centennial Lecture in Seattle (December 6)


November 2016

The AERA Centennial Lecture Series, which aims to bring innovative education research and leading scholars to six cities across the United States, kicks off this evening (November 30) in Brooklyn, New York. On December 6, the second Centennial lecture and open forum will take place in Seattle, Washington.

This new lecture series is part of AERA's commitment to promoting public engagement and fostering new conversations between the education research community and policy and practice sectors across the country.

In Seattle, Bruce McCandliss (Stanford University) will discuss “Early Education and the Brain: Making Novel Connections.” As McCandliss emphasizes, “Early elementary school is a time of remarkable transformations in cognitive skills that become the pillars of intellectual growth—including literacy and mathematical abilities. It is also a time of remarkable challenge for educational systems that struggle to serve the needs of learners in carrying out these transformations successfully. Developmental cognitive neuroscience provides a unique vantage point for understanding these transformations, by linking specific cognitive functions to brain circuitry in the mind of a young learner.”

McCandliss’s brief lecture will be followed by remarks from expert commentators and an open discussion moderated by Linda Shaw (The Seattle Times).

Highlights readers interested in connecting research to important issues of education and learning are strongly encouraged to register and to share news of these upcoming lectures.

Seattle:Early Education and the Brain: Making Novel Connections