AERA Special Referendum is Approved by Members

November 2016


The AERA membership approved amendments to the AERA Bylaws that establish a separate Nominating Committee for the SIG Executive Committee. Previously, the SIG Executive Committee was responsible for seating candidates to run for open positions on the Committee.  The newly established Nominating Committee for the SIG Executive Committee removes the nominating responsibility from the SIG EC. Twenty percent of eligible AERA members voted in the referendum. Of those who voted, 97% voted to approve the amendments to the bylaws.

The change to the bylaws also affects the term of the chair. The elected SIG Executive Committee Chair will now serve one year as chair-elect and two years as committee chair. The chair also serves as the SIG representative on AERA Council.  

A special election will be held in March for the open SIG Executive Committee positions.  AERA members who are members of at least one SIG will be able to vote for these positions.

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