Big-Time College Sports

Division J Invited Session: Big-Time College Sports: Mitigating the Academic-Athletic Divide

This session featured Charles Clotfelter, a highly regarded scholar who has made voluminous contributions to the field of education policy. He discussed his latest book, Big-Time Sports in American Universities, a study of commercial sports in universities, and his related research. Clotfelter has drawn the public’s attention to the topic of commercial sports in a university setting through articles in the Chronicle of Higher Education, the Washington Post, and numerous other newspapers and media outlets. He is raising public consciousness and contributing to the education policy debate by challenging the tax deduction for major college sports; asking university leaders whether sports are, or should be, part of their mission statement; and inquiring into universities’ responsibilities to local and national communities.

Time: Sunday, April 15, 12:25 p.m.–1:55 p.m. 

Building/Room: Vancouver Convention Centre, Second Level - West Room 215 & 216

Session Participants:

Chair: Eddie Comeaux (University of Kentucky) 

Participant: Charles Clotfelter (Duke University) 

Discussant: James Antony (University of Washington)