Demonstrations of Interactive Presentation Gallery—September 15 and 22, 2020

To help 2020 Annual Meeting authors take full advantage of the features of the new Interactive Presentation Gallery, AERA held two live demonstrations of the iPoster platform on September 15 and 22. These Zoom sessions provided an overview of the gallery and demonstrated how to create a poster within the system.

NOTE: Since the webinars were held, AERA has extended the deadline for creating presentations for the gallery to December 31. 

The first authors of papers for paper sessions, roundtables, or poster sessions accepted for presentation at the 2020 Annual Meeting received a reminder invite the week of August 31 to create an account. First authors of session papers accepted for symposia  received their initial invite the same week. Once first authors have an account, they may turn over the creation of an interactive poster to another author; however, first-listed authors need to begin the process.  

Complementing AERA’s Online Paper Repository, the gallery is a web-based platform for sharing presentations from meetings. AERA is launching the gallery this year with a focus on papers accepted for the cancelled 2020 AERA Annual Meeting that were never presented. 

The gallery will launch with open access on January 5, 2021—one business day after the final presentations are finalized. 

Facts and Opportunities Sheet provides additional details. For further information, contact AERA at